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Posted by Kerry Durban on March 5, 2020 | Last Updated: February 18, 2021 Uncategorized

Five Flowers of Five Famous Women

The style of flowers you prefer says volumes about your character, so in respect of Women’s History Month, Cincinnati’s best flower shop, Adrian Durban Florist, wanted to examine the favorite flowers of a few of today’s famous women. You’ll be surprised by how well their favorite flower reflects their character!

Lily of the Valley

Audrey Hepburn – Lily of the Valley

A style icon from Old Hollywood, Audrey Hepburn’s favorite flower was the delicate yet regal Lily of the Valley. Exuding a dainty charm, the beautiful bell-shaped Lily of the Valley symbolizes happiness, humility, and good fortune. Audrey’s wedding bouquet was a small bunch of nothing but Lily of Valley flowers.

Lovely White Orchid Plant

Angelina Jolie – Orchid

A fantastic beauty herself, Angelina Jolie’s favorite flower is a plant – the beautiful and equally amazing orchid. The elegant, delicate petals of the orchid blossom come in a variety of colors and shapes based on the particular plant species. Orchids are known for having three petals and three sepals. Orchids symbolize luxury, strength, love, and beauty – characteristics Angelina has in spades.

Red roses and white lilies in red vase with hearts and greenery

Jennifer Lopez – Roses and White Lilies

A world-famous singer, dancer, and actor, Jennifer Lopez’s favorite flowers are roses and white lilies. The white lily is a majestic, fragrant blossom composed of 6 petals along with a long pistil. The white lily has a multitude of symbolic meanings, such as majesty, fertility, and purity. Also, when planted in your garden, the white lily is supposed to protect your home by keeping away evil spirits. Since J-Lo’s professional career is on fire, the protection qualities of white flowers must be working!

Katy Perry – Purple and White Hydrangeas

The large blooms of the hydrangea flower are why they are adored by many women. Katy Perry’s favorite hydrangea colors of white and purple symbolize purity and grace for white, and pride, royalty, and understanding for purple. The striking contrast between purple and white makes them fit for the queen of pop.

White Rose

Lady Gaga – White Roses

The flower Lady Gaga loves the most is the white rose. She often adorns her outfits with white roses when she goes out and about on the town. Representing pure love and new beginnings, the white rose has long been a regular staple of wedding bouquets. Having an arrangement of white flowers in a vase in your house is to bring peaceful energy throughout your home. Also symbolizing rebirth and renewal, it’s no surprise this innovative artist is in love with white roses.