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Best Gift Ideas to Send With Flowers

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Undoubtedly, sending a luxurious flower arrangement to someone is one of the best gifts ever. Flowers are fresh, beautiful, convey a range of emotions, and are proven to boost a person’s spirits. Beautiful blooms have been given to loved ones for centuries in nearly all cultures and are tied to various significant symbolism, including love, passion, romance, desire, adoration, elegance, beauty, and grace.

Flowers look great, they smell great, they make a big impact, and when shopping from Cincinnati’s best florist, Adrian Durban Florist, you’ll discover that floral arrangements and bouquets are incredibly easy to send. So, now that you know you’re definitely going to send flowers to your crush or significant other, here are some special gifts to pair with these blooms to turn up the romance.

Romantic Gifts to Pair with Lavish Blooms

A Nice Bottle of Wine

Wine is a great gift for celebrating love, an anniversary, a special occasion, or just because. Many florists have premium wine that you can add to your flower order, making it a very convenient and extra special gift option. Anyone coming home to a surprise gift of flowers and wine will surely be loving life! While you open the bottle together and pour two glasses, the bouquet of stunning flowers that sits between you and your love will become all the more special.

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Delicious Fresh Baked Cookies

They say the best way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, so why not create the ultimate flower and gift combo with fresh, homemade, gooey cookies? Such a delicious treat is about to get even sweeter because here at Adrian Durban Florist, we bake fresh cookies in our shop every day. Stop in for a dynamic duo of romantic blooms and the hottest cookies in town for your sweetheart.

Gourmet Gift Basket

Receiving a gift basket full of their favorite gourmet goodies is always fun. As they dig through and find all the wonderful treasures, things they love, and the thoughtfulness behind selecting this particular basket, they will feel overcome with joy and romance. Sending a gourmet gift basket along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a great way to impress any loved one.

Artisanal Chocolates

Although flowers and chocolates are the epitomai of classic romance, this gift can sometimes feel a little dull. Next time, forget the generic and bland brand-name chocolates and gift artisanal chocolates instead for a truly unique tasting experience. Hand-crafted chocolates created from masters of the trade, who choose quality ingredients and flavors, will surprise you. Gorgeous flowers deserve to be paired with equally gorgeous chocolates. This timeless pairing is definitely a win-win.

Spa Items

Since flowers relieve stress and promote calmness and well-being, you can extend these feelings by sending spa items along with your bouquet. Bath bombs, scented lotions, and fragrant soaps make great gifts for anyone in your life, but when sent with a fresh bouquet of sweet blooms, they pour out love and romance. While your partner indulges in their at-home spa, they will surely be thinking of you and your thoughtfulness.

Stylish gift box, modern jewelry and spring bouquet on boho mirror on soft fabric. Gentle feminine image. Happy Women's and Mother's day. Eye shaped mirror with flowers and presents


You can never go wrong spoiling your love with a pair of gorgeous earrings, a thoughtful necklace, or a stunning bracelet. Alone, jewelry expresses your adoration for your partner and the beauty you see whenever you look their way. The passion, romance, and elegance these gifts offer when paired with flowers are undeniable.

The effects flowers have on people who receive them are well known, which is why they are the perfect gift. But, when you want to send along something more, the above gifts are great options that enhance a floral bouquet with more romance. After browsing our collection of outstanding, fresh flowers, check out even more gift ideas and gourmet gift baskets offered here at Adrian Durban.