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Choose Spectacular Mums To Decorate For Fall

The one flower sure to enliven any fall landscape scene is the chrysanthemum. A late-blooming flower that can endure cooler climates, there are thousands of mum varieties to choose from to bring a little color into your home or garden. With rich golds, garnets and purple hues along with so much variety and meaning behind them, it’s no wonder we love to display these beauties all over Cincinnati this time of year. But don’t be fooled- there are so many varieties of mums out there, you may not even realize you’re looking at one! That’s why the floral experts at Adrian Durban Florist are here to help you choose the perfect mums, representing the perfect sentiment, for any occasion or decor this season. Check out these amazing fall favorites and get to know mums in a whole new way. Here are some of our favorite types of mums: Read More about Choose Spectacular Mums To Decorate For Fall »
Posted by flowermanager on September 11, 2019 Fall Flowers Flowers

Enjoy Fall Florals

The fall season brings with it thoughts of cozy fireplaces, wool blankets, leaves falling off the trees, and a crisp nip in the air. Cups of hot cocoa and fresh pumpkin flavors also abound during this season. At Adrian Durban Florist we look forward to the bright bold colors of fall everywhere in Cincinnati as we design our fall collection. Fall florals are rich in jewel tones and drama and we are excited to share these designs with you this season. Read More about Enjoy Fall Florals »
Posted by Kerry Durban on August 18, 2019 Fall Flowers Gifts Sunflowers

4 Fun Grandparents Day Ideas

This month, we’re looking forward to celebrating National Grandparents Day on the first Sunday after Labor Day, and we hope you are too. The relationship between generations like children and grandparents is important to foster. So, the designers at Adrian Durban Florist have some suggestions for celebrating Grandparents Day in fun, memorable ways. To send beautiful blooms to grandparents in the Cincinnati area, talk to the professionals at Adrian Durban Florist. We deliver to residences, senior communities, nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout the Cincinnati area. How can we help you make Grandparents Day spectacular this year? Read More about 4 Fun Grandparents Day Ideas »

5 Things Your College Student Wants This Fall

Gifts for Students It won’t be long before college students are headed back to their respective apartments and dorms. Helping them get settled in can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it’s hard to know what they might need. The design experts at Adrian Durban Florist have compiled a list of some usual and unusual items college students might really appreciate as they prepare for the upcoming school year.  Read More about 5 Things Your College Student Wants This Fall »
Posted by Kerry Durban on July 18, 2019 Back to School Flowers Gifts

Find Amazing Gifts and Treasures

We all know the most beautiful flowers can be found at an elite florist's shop like Adrian Durban Florist. Our designers create works of art out of unique, premium blooms. However, did you also know you can find some amazing gifts and other treasures in our showroom? From new designs for your own home, to fabulous gifts for any occasion, we have it all. Come see for yourself the amazing and beautiful accouterments we carry. You can choose a delightful add-on to any floral design. Or, create a custom design specifically for someone special in your life. The possibilities are truly endless when you create combinations to match the unique personalities and styles of your friends and loved ones.  Read More about Find Amazing Gifts and Treasures »
Posted by Kerry Durban on July 2, 2019 Gifts

Celebrate Your American Pride

Fourth of July is almost here! So, this is a time to celebrate American pride in our nation's independence and patriotism. The floral designers at Adrian Durban Florist have the flowers to help you do that. With so many great choices of reds, whites, and blues, you can send a gorgeous bouquet to someone special. Display your American pride with centerpieces for your holiday barbecue or flowers that resemble fireworks. There’s something for everyone at Adrian Durban Florist this Fourth of July. Read More about Celebrate Your American Pride »
Posted by Kerry Durban on June 14, 2019 4th of July Holidays Summer Flowers

Send a Welcome Summer Bouquet

Summer is here! With it comes bright, beautiful colors in the boldest patterns. The floral designers at Adrian Durban Florist want to encourage you to bring these beautiful colors right inside your house with gorgeous summer flowers. It’s also a great time to think about all of your summer events and how you’ll be decorating for parties, showers, weddings and other events with beautiful table decor and other floral arrangements. Also, send a favorite friend or a relative a “Welcome Summer” bouquet with great sunflowers are other bold florals. Read More about Send a Welcome Summer Bouquet »
Posted by Kerry Durban on May 31, 2019 Flowers Summer Flowers

Father’s Day Treasures

The month of June brings us Father's Day and this is an absolutely great time to celebrate the father figures in your life. Dads, stepdads, grandfathers and men who play a father figure should be exalted and celebrated. Sending a gift, living plant or floral arrangement or a basket full of Dad's favorite treats is a great way to express your gratitude for him in your life. Father’s Day is an excellent time to do this and the floral designers at Adrian Durban Florist has some excellent gifts and treats just for dads. Take a look at our amazing floral designs, gift baskets and other goodies that dads are going to love. Read More about Father’s Day Treasures »
Posted by Kerry Durban on May 27, 2019 Father's Day Gifts Holidays Plants

Remembering Our Fallen Veterans On Memorial Day

Memorial Day is almost here and this is a wonderful time to remember our fallen veterans and soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. One small way to remember such a big sacrifice is with a gorgeous bouquet of patriotic flowers. Place gorgeous red, white and blue blooms throughout your home or use as a centerpiece for a Memorial Day picnic to honor these heroes. The floral experts at Adrian Durban Florist are creating several beautiful patriotic pieces that your friends and family will love. Read More about Remembering Our Fallen Veterans On Memorial Day »
Posted by Kerry Durban on May 13, 2019 Flowers Holidays Memorial Day

Unique Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate the women in your life who fill a motherly role, whether they are your biological mother or simply a motherly figure who has been a strong mentor. Mothers and mother figures everywhere make daily sacrifices for their children and the people they love to care for. Show her how appreciative you are of her giant heart and sacrificial love for you with a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers. The floral artisans at Adrian Durban Florist are creating a gorgeous line of artistic, creative designs like nothing she’s ever seen before. Mom will love to receive such a divine work of art that truly celebrates everything that makes her special. Read More about Unique Mother’s Day Flowers »
Posted by Kerry Durban on April 29, 2019 Flowers Gifts Holidays Mother's Day