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Posted by Kerry Durban on May 18, 2023 Uncategorized

Worldwide Botanical Baby Name Ideas for Your Growing Family

There is so much to prepare for when looking forward to welcoming home a new member of your family. One of the big things you need to do is choose a name that reflects your new baby’s personality and spirit. This is quite an exciting and deeply meaningful journey! Choosing a name that is connected to nature will embody inspiration, wonder, beauty, and strength and lead your child down a path of respect for the world around them. Whether you’re looking for an old, timeless name or one that is different and contemporary, or perhaps something to reflect a specific culture, your friends at Adrian Durban, the top florist in Cincinnati, are sharing a list of names inspired by nature that might strike your fancy.

Female Names Meaning “Flower”

When looking at your beautiful baby girl, your mind may take you to the allure and wonder of a perfect flower. A name that means “flower,” then, might be a fitting choice for your daughter. Zaynab, Arabic for “fragrant flower,” Flora, derived from the Latin term meaning “flower,” and Hana, translating to “flower” in Japanese, are some of the most exquisite feminine monikers we have heard.

Masculine Names Meaning “Flower”

Don’t let gender stereotypes fool you – boys can love flowers just as much as girls do. In fact, many masculine names are tied to flowers and their symbolism. Take, for instance, the old Greek name Anthony, which stems from “anthos” meaning “flowers” and has been a popular choice for boys for centuries. Or, consider the Arabic name Kamal, meaning “perfection” and “lotus,” or the Japanese name Ren, which translates to “love” and “lotus.” These botanical moniker are undoubtedly masculine, unique, and fitting choices for your baby boy.

Feminine Names Meaning “Rose”

There is no denying that Rose is a popular name for a girl— as are variations of Rose in different languages. Rosa and Rosalia are of Latin origin and mean “rose” and “rose garland.” While Rosa and Rosalia, of course, connect your daughter to the beloved bloom, these monikers are also symbols of love and beauty. For a French take on “Rose,” turn to Roselle, which translates to “little rose.” This is certainly a cute and sincere way to honor your little girl. Finally, of English origin, is Primrose meaning “first rose.” This is especially meaningful if you are welcoming your first child into the world.

Masculine Names Meaning “Rose”

When thinking of the name Rose or admiring the sweet, romantic bloom, it is rare to connect it to a masculine appellation. Yet, variations from around the world suggest otherwise. Illustrating a rose’s strength and valor is the German name Roswald, meaning “mighty rose.” Another masculine form of the name Rose that reflects its resilience and ruggedness is the name Briar– an old English moniker referring to the rose shrub. If you are drawn to the regalness or spiritual essence of the rose or wish to incorporate these qualities into your little prince’s name, Rosario may be the perfect fit. This Spanish variation means “crown of roses” or “rosary.”

Unisex Names Meaning “Tree” or “Vine”

Since Mother Nature provides us with much more than stunning flowers, it would be remiss if we didn’t include contemporary names like Aspen, Cedar, Sage, or Willow — which are all unisex or gender-neutral monikers. Along the same lines are Linden, a name that means “tree of lime wood,” Rowan, a popular Scottish and Irish name that translates to “little red tree,” and Sequoia, Cherokee in origin and refers to the giant sequoia trees. With strength, resilience, purity, and protective qualities, these monikers are a powerful way to honor the tenacious character of your child.

The naming of your child is a deeply personal and meaningful experience, and for many parents, flowers from around the world offer a unique source of inspiration. Whether drawing from the rich cultural traditions of floral-inspired names or simply adorning your home with fresh blooms to welcome your new little one, Adrian Durban Florist is here to help you celebrate this exciting journey with beauty, love, and grace.