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Your Guide to the Perfect Mother’s Day Surprise

Mother’s Day is one of our favorite days of the year to treat mom with the best flowers and show her how much she is appreciated. Mothers, grandmoms, aunts, fur mommas, mom friends, and other inspiring mother figures in our… Read More about Your Guide to the Perfect Mother’s Day Surprise »
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Yes, You Can Give Your Dad A Gift Basket.

In case you were wondering, it's perfectly fine---in fact preferable---to hand over a basket of goodies to dad this Father's Day. Adrian Durban Florist sees a gift basket as the perfect solution to that what-to-get-dad conundrum, since a display of tasty delights, each one a surprise, is the kind of gift that delights anyone. One of the things we love about Father's Day is how it brings everyone together in the home to celebrate that undersung hero of our lives, the one who is usually too busy thinking about everyone else to reserve a lot of time for himself, much less think about what gift he might want on the day devoted to him. Read More about Yes, You Can Give Your Dad A Gift Basket. »
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Secret Santa Gifts That Wow

Secret Santa, Yankee Swap, White Elephant . . . Whatever you call it, the gift swap is a popular game (and tons of fun) to play during the holiday season. And not only is it a great way to bring a group together to celebrate the holidays, but it solves the problem of how to exchange gifts without leaving anyone out or breaking the bank. We here at Adrian Durban Florist get behind anything that revolves around coming together to offer gifts, especially when that involves the cloak of anonymity and surprise. Read More about Secret Santa Gifts That Wow »
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A Day for Giving

As we anticipate Thanksgiving, we also look ahead to two of the biggest consumer-spending days of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Given the appealing sales and the amount of shopping we have to do for the holidays, it makes sense that we'd be shopping until we're dropping on those days. But we here at Adrian Durban Florist want to turn your attention to the next day on the list and the most important: Giving Tuesday. Read More about A Day for Giving »
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Appropriate Sympathy Flowers for Funerals

During a time of grieving, shows of sympathy can honor a friend or loved one's life; and flowers are a thoughtful and meaningful gesture which convey a message of comfort. When someone close to you is experiencing a loss and you are looking to send your condolences, the experts at Adrian Durban Florist are here to walk compassionately with you through the process. We know this can be a very difficult time. We’re here to help every step of the way. Read More about Appropriate Sympathy Flowers for Funerals »
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Patriotic Memorial Day Bouquets

Although Memorial Day has been around since just after the Civil War (when it was known as Decoration Day), the heart and honor behind the day has not diminished. This day has always been set aside as a day of remembrance, and continues to be an opportunity for us to not only show respect to those who have sacrificed their lives for freedom, but to also reach out to extend sympathy and comfort to family members who may be grieving a loss. No matter your intention or sentiment on Memorial Day, you can count on Adrian Durban Florist to provide beautiful flowers and arrangements to commemorate the day. Memorial Day in Cincinnati - The Eyes of Freedom exhibit will be shown at The Arlington Memorial Gardens, or you can attend the Tolling of the Bells, resented by the Cincinnati Submarine Veterans.  Read More about Patriotic Memorial Day Bouquets »
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