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Adrian Durban Florist

Posted by Kerry Durban on December 22, 2017 | Last Updated: November 5, 2020 Uncategorized

Stunning Winter Flowers

Flowers have been long understood to offer many positive benefits to the mind and body, everything from improving clarity in the workplace to enhancing a person’s mood in the home. And as this is the prime time for seasonal affective disorder, anything we can do to enhance our well being and mental outlook during the long, dark days is a good thing.

And when that thing is flowers, we at Adrian Durban Florist know exactly what to offer as the cure for the winter blues.

Since one oft-quoted study from the Netherlands shows that flowers in a dining area tend to inspire better moods in diners, one of the first places to install yours is definitely on the table. And given the fact that we have so many occasions to entertain during this season, adding a stunning centerpiece to your decor mix like Winston our design is a no-brainer.

This unusual blend of flowers offers a lot of interest and personality, along with the requisite color we want to see in our winter arrangements. It utilizes evergreen as well, which is a nice nod to the season and looks right at home amid the holiday decor. Pine cones contribute texture, while orchid and magnolia – a striking pairing – give a luxe feeling to the overall design. Taper candles make this an ever-ready dinner party piece.

Invite a fresh batch of winter flowers into your home and watch as moods lift and spirits lighten.