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Posted by Kerry Durban on October 30, 2017 | Last Updated: October 1, 2020 Uncategorized

Show Thanks Through Flowers

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year or have you been invited into someone else’s home? If it’s the latter, you’re not alone. Last year, nearly 50 million people traveled at least 50 miles from home to enjoy Thanksgiving. That’s a lot of hosting, and at Adrian Durban Florist, we think it should be rightfully acknowledged.

The tradition of bringing or sending a host or hostess gift is old and long, crossing cultures and involving its own customs. Here in the U.S., it’s traditional to offer a bouquet of flowers in a vase. That way, the host or hostess has nothing to do but place your gift somewhere in the home and to enjoy it.

It’s not necessary to give an enormous centerpiece design when you show thanks through flowers. Instead, look for something with a modest scale and a seasonal palette that will fit right in with the existing decor. We think our Splash of Autumn is the kind of bouquet that warms up the home immediately. Sunflowers are bright and happy, while orange roses and cattails nod to the Fall.

This is the kind of arrangement you can easily give with both hands, a physical way of giving that is preferable in the case of a host or hostess gift. Your recipient will be both pleased and moved by your thoughtfulness and will have no trouble finding a spot for this little beauty, whether that’s in the kitchen or in the dining room area.

At Adrian Durban Florist, we like the idea of keeping these cherished customs alive and look forward to matching you with the perfect flowers for your Thanksgiving dinner host.