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Posted by Kerry Durban on November 15, 2019 | Last Updated: October 1, 2020 Uncategorized

5 Best Flowers We’re Thankful For

At Adrian Durban Florist, serving Cincinnati and the surrounding areas, we can attest to the year-round power of flowers! Flowers are always in season and in style, so there’s no need to wait for a holiday or special occasion to decorate your home or office with a bouquet or to send someone a gift. In fact, just being around flowers has a lot of really amazing health benefits. Flowers have the power to lower blood pressure and reduce stress, they can improve your mood and memory, and flowers can even help patients get well faster.

Our Most Popular Flowers

The most popular flowers in the world vary throughout each region and by season. For example, the camellia is quite popular throughout Asia, and orders for chrysanthemums and poinsettias always increase in fall and winter. Some of the most popular flowers are famous for their beautiful fragrances, like hyacinth. There was even a time when tulips were so prized that they became a form of currency.

At Adrian Durban Florist, we love all flowers, but some of our favorites include the following blooms:

yellow liliy with purple and pink flowers in a vase


Alstroemeria, also called Peruvian lilies, are beautiful, fiery flowers to include a bouquet. Their often-striped petals bloom in variegated shades of orange, yellow, pink, rose, salmon, red, red, purple, and even white. Alstroemeria is the official flower of friendship, and it also symbolizes prosperity. It’s wonderful to include in a bouquet for a friend or a New Year’s celebration.

pink cushion mums


Symbolizing cheerfulness, chrysanthemums bloom in every color of the rainbow. Some bloom in multiple colors and are also available with different types of petals, such as spider mums and button mums. Chrysanthemums are appropriate for just about any happy occasion.

red roses


Roses are a long-time favorite of everyone. These classic, fragrant flowers never go out of style and offer a range of symbolic meanings, depending on the color. Red roses symbolize passion, yellow roses mean friendship and white roses are a symbol of purity.

white lilies with lavender roses and purple flowers


We also love lilies. They’re delicate, exotic, and available in a wide variety of colors and variations. From calla lilies to stargazers, lilies always stun in a bouquet. Like roses, lilies possess different symbolic meanings, depending on the type and color of the bloom. These meanings range from purity and modesty to sweetness and passion.

white hydrangea with assorted pink flowers


Hydrangea blooms in full, bulbous clusters of delicate flowers. They’re available in all the shades between pink, purple, and blue and even bloom in white and a delicate shade of green. These flowers symbolize heartfelt gratitude for being understood, making them the perfect gift for your favorite confidant.

What Flowers Mean

In addition to flowers having special meanings, many believe that a person’s favorite flower also says something about their personality. For example, people who love roses are said to be full of passion. Those who prefer sunflowers are thought to be open and energetic. Daisy lovers are eternal optimists, and tulips fans value family.

How to Order Flowers for Someone

Ordering flowers for someone is easy! When choosing an arrangement, you can think about your relationship with the recipient and what you want your flowers to say or simply pick a bouquet you think is beautiful. For more assistance selecting a bouquet, we welcome you to order online or visit an Adrian Durban Florist flower shop to speak directly with one of our flower experts.