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Posted by Kerry Durban on November 19, 2020 | Last Updated: November 27, 2020 Uncategorized

🎅 Adrian Durban’s Holiday Gift Guides, Tips, & Tricks! ❄

The most wonderful time of the year is here! Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, or Las Posadas, no doubt you’ve got some holiday shopping and decorating to do. Adrian Durban’s Florist, Cincinnati’s best florist, is here to help. Below you’ll find tons of great holiday gifting and decorating ideas for any type of celebration. And for those particularly difficult people who are hard to buy gifts for, remember — flowers are always the perfect gift!


Christmas Wreaths for Loved Ones

Sometimes the holiday season can evoke memories of lost loved ones who are still dear to our hearts. When this is the case, hanging a beautiful Christmas wreath or other adornments on your loved one’s headstone or grave can bring much healing and value to their presence in your life.

5 Plants to See and Grow This Winter

Just because the weather outside is frightful doesn’t mean you have to do without fresh greenery and blooming plants all winter long. There are plenty of beautiful winter plants that continue to thrive, even in colder temperatures.

Celebrate the Holidays with Holly, December’s Birth “Flower”

As winter sets in and the holidays approach, we begin to see traditional holiday plants and greenery everywhere we look. Holly, in particular, is often associated with winter, Christmas, and the month of December in general.

Seasonal Holiday Wreaths

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how you decorate your home for the season. Consider bringing gorgeous live foliage into your living room or family room for a beautiful and sophisticated holiday look.

Stunning Winter Flowers

Flowers have been long understood to offer many positive benefits to the mind and body, everything from improving clarity in the workplace to enhancing a person’s mood in the home.

Best Bets from Our Holiday Gift Guide

Boy are we here at Adrian Durban Florist excited to unveil our Holiday Gift Guide, a veritable Santa’s workshop of fun seasonal floral designs and winter-blooming plants that convey the spirit of the holiday.

Holiday Arrangements for a Festive Office

No matter who spearheads the holiday decorating effort in your office, it probably involves pulling out the decor you have in storage somewhere from last year.

National Poinsettia Day – December 12

Today is National Poinsettia Day. If you think this is just another one of those wacky observance days that seem to take place every single day of the year (yesterday was both National Mountain Day, and National Light a Candle Day) you’re in for a surprise.

Flowers are the Best Way to Beat the Holiday Blues

From shopping and decorating to making travel plans and remembering loved ones no longer with us, it isn’t hard for even the jolliest elf to get a touch of the holiday blues.

Last-Minute Shopping Solutions – Don’t Just Point, Click, and Hope

Online shopping has forever changed the way we buy Christmas presents. It’s no longer necessary to fight for a parking spot at the mall or spend countless hours standing in crowded checkout lines.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The holiday season is well underway, but do you have all of your shopping done yet? Remember, the number of shopping days left is quickly diminishing – Christmas is only two weeks away!

Give Yourself the Gift of the Flowers You Want

If your life is anything like ours, it feels like you’re living in perpetual motion, running around from here to there because of work, home, or family obligations.