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Adrian Durban Florist

Posted by Kerry Durban on February 26, 2018 | Last Updated: November 5, 2020 Uncategorized

Give Yourself The Gift Of The Flowers You Want

Wonder and admiration. That's what's included in this enchanting bouquet. It's a beautiful mix of luminous blossoms in a glass vase. (Vases may vary)

Amazing Wishes

If your life is anything like ours, it feels like you’re living in perpetual motion, running around from here to there because of work, home, or family obligations. You mark your calendar to ensure that you don’t miss any birthdays, holidays, or lifetime milestones, and you always take time to give the loved ones in your life, flowers on all of those occasions. How often do you think about giving yourself flowers after seeing something you love and think you’d like to have? At Adrian Durban Florist, we believe that everyone deserves the gift of flowers, and we encourage you to treat yourself to any floral gift you want.

Our Amazing Wishes Bouquet is chock full of colorful blue hydrangeas, pink lilies, orange roses, and it will transform any indoor space into a spring-like meadow, regardless of what Mother Nature unleashes on the Cincinnati area. Expect to find splashes of shades of pink, orange, ultra-violet like purple and more in this lush array of dainty flowers in a clear glass vase. Warm up a drab room, or infuse some color into your winter home or office decorating scheme. Fill your office with an explosion of color. Everyone will be more productive because of it.

With all the power that flowers have to spread joy and happiness, it seems to the Adrian Durban Florist family that it’s a shame that people don’t think about allowing flowers to have the same power over themselves as they do over the recipients to whom they give them as gifts.