Nationwide Florist is Moving!

New Name, Same Great Service

Nationwide Florist has merged with Adrian Durbans Florists, the USA's leading online floral gift delivery company specializing in delivering beautiful bouquets and other products all over the USA, Canada and the rest of the world. Nationwide Flowers delivers a large range of other gifts such as chocolates, teddies, balloons and complimentary gift items such as vases. We believe in quality floral products and gifts. We custom select flower shops in cities across the country with the highest qualification and capabilities to satisfy the most discriminating customer.

Most florists we affiliate with have been personally selected to serve on our "Preferred Florist" list that we refer to when sending orders that are not in our delivery areas. You can rest assured when you place an order with Nationwide Flowers, our satisfaction guarantee is always included. If you need any more information or would like to contact us please click here! Our goal is to offer the best floral and gift delivery service to you our customer.

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