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Adrian Durban Florist

Posted by Kerry Durban on December 15, 2017 Uncategorized

What’s New In Flowers For 2018

International Floral Distributors has made their predictions for 2018’s floral trends, and the results are downright gorgeous. IFD identified four approaches to floral designs for next year, but there’s one in particular we at Adrian Durban Florist find enticing. Positively Posh, according to IFD, includes arrangements that capture a youthful, whimsical spirit. These designs are lavish, with layers of delicate petals in a wash of pastel colors.

The look is represented by something like our Dashing Purple Bouquet, where blooms are built into an oval shape and emerge from a pedestal vase. Lavender and pale pink roses get a punch of color from a bright blue hydrangea, but the overall look is soft, abundant and dreamy. This is a traditional romantic vision with a modern touch. 

Naturally, designs like these make for a beautiful romantic bouquet to give to your sweetheart, but they also look fabulous incorporated into the home, especially for events. If you want your house to look like something out of Vogue, invest in some pieces that build in layers of delicate texture in a pale wash of hues. It will give your event a dreamy, lavish appeal that reads as totally romantic. Think of it as modern Victorian.