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Posted by Kerry Durban on July 6, 2017 Uncategorized

Summer Tropical Flowers – Feel the Heat

tropical flowers

Summer is half gone, and the heat is on! Summer flowers have turned up the heat as well – delivering just a little extra fire, intensity and exotic beauty. If you love using flowers to decorate your home, but are seeking a look that is a bit more adventurous  – be sure to visit Adrian Durban Florist. Our collection of tropical flowers is sure to add something special to your home decor.

An Explosion of Color & Texture: From vivid red to sunset orange, the vibrant colors of tropical flowers are incredible. They also often exhibit severe linear and unique geometric shapes, resulting in floral arrangements that are closer to works of art than a bouquet of flowers. You can utilize these spectacular arrangements to add excitement – and a little tropical flair – into any home of office. 

tropical flowersYou may not have heard of the strelitzia plant, but you have definitely seen it! Commonly known as the bird-of-paradise flower, this dramatic bright orange and purple tropical flower resembles a crane’s feather and beak and makes a bold focal point for a tropical flower arrangement. Our Exotic Grace design, featured above, showcases the spectacular flower and adds orange tiger lilies, peruvian lilies, and bamboo shoots for beauty and sophistication.

Looking for Other Interesting Blooms? The protea is an amazing flower which exhibits truly diverse shapes and textures, such as the spidery pin cushion protea or the cylindrical Pink protea. Red ginger and anthurium plants are both exciting ways to infuse a little summer heat into your florals as well.

This summer, shop our Tropical Flowers collection, or come in to discuss how we can use exotic and unique flowers to provide you with a custom floral design that will grab everyone’s attention. Turn up the heat on your home decor, with gorgeous designs from Adrian Durban Florist. Cincinnati never looked so tropical!