Adrian Durban Florist

Adrian Durban Florist

Posted by Kerry Durban on April 1, 2019 | Last Updated: February 18, 2021 Uncategorized

Create The Perfect Prom Look

High school is full of long-standing tradition that are time-honored and long-lasting. One of our favorites is the end-of-the-year spring dances or proms. Along with fabulous hairstyles, formal wear and disco balls are the traditional corsage and boutonniere. Make sure you have a fabulous flower that blends on-trend fashion with the tradition of giving your date a wearable flower for your dance. The floral designers at Adrian Durban Florist have an amazing selection and will be happy to help you create the perfect prom look to give your date on prom night this year. Set new trends for spring and create memories to last a lifetime.

A beautiful option that will blend traditional flowers with modern style is an orchid wristlet. Keep a clean and simple look with white, or talk to us about creating a look that matches your prom gown and pairs beautifully with your entire look.

Roses are a popular option for cuff corsages since they come in a variety of colors and are always classically on point.

Make the most of your magical evening as you dance the night away, looking your best when you are decked out in formal wear and a beautiful flower by Adrian Durban Florist. Talk to us about your outfit and let us help you choose something that pairs beautifully and will lead to lasting memories.