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Adrian Durban Florist

Posted by Kerry Durban on April 30, 2018 Uncategorized

Congratulate Them With Yellow Roses

The end of the school year is on the horizon. As is the case every year, students and families are gearing up for graduation ceremonies, parties, and other events. No celebration would be complete or worthwhile without flowers as the decorating focal point. You can count on the Adrian Durban Florist team to be your go-to source for flowers, flowering plants, and floral gifts for the end of the school year festivities or any special occasion.

Many people think of roses regarding their symbolism as romantic gifts. But roses are revered for their beauty and as a sophisticated flower choice for landmarks in life. And graduation is one of those life milestones. Our beautiful traditionally-shaped clear glass vase filled with One Dozen Yellow Roses is a lovely gift. It’s also an elegant flower to use to decorate your home for a graduation party. The color yellow is one of the bright colors that people commonly associate with spring, so it’s seasonal relevance makes it an even more appropriate flower choice when you’re looking for floral ideas to use in decorating your home or a celebration space you’re renting.

With graduation around the corner, it’s never a good idea to wait to choose or order your flower gifts or the cut flower arrangements you decide to use to fill your home as you create a celebratory, warm, and welcoming atmosphere. Don’t wait to have the creative floral design team at Adrian Durban Florist help you choose the perfect flowers for your graduation party, or for the floral gifts you give the new graduates.