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Posted by Kerry Durban on September 21, 2022 | Last Updated: September 23, 2022 Uncategorized

The Perfect Housewarming Gifts and Flowers for Close Friends

It can be a bittersweet occasion when close friends or family move into a new home as they may be moving farther away or leaving a house full of memories. You may even be excited for them to move closer to you. Whatever the occasion is, a nice housewarming gift is a perfect way to help them feel at home. The welcoming feeling of a special handpicked symbolic present is a great way to remind them how much you value them. Adrian Durban Florist, the best flower shop in Cincinnati, is here to offer a wide variety of housewarming flowers and plants with welcoming symbolism.

Warm Their Heart & Their Home


The vibrant blooms of alstroemeria are a great gift for friends. These beautiful flowers have significant symbolism for friendship as they symbolize loyalty, support, and connection between close friends. This flower’s representation of support, strength, love, and friendship makes it the perfect housewarming gift for a loved one starting a new chapter in their life.


Sunflowers are classic blooms admired for spreading warmth and positivity. A bouquet of sunflowers is a great housewarming gift to brighten any room you put them in. If you want to give a gift that represents joy, love, optimism, peace, and hope, sunflowers are an excellent choice.

Jade Plant

Jade plants serve as a great housewarming gift due to their rich symbolism of good luck. Because of this, jade plants are also known as lucky plants, money plants, and money trees. These cozy succulents are sure to make a great housewarming gift.

Heartleaf Philodendron

These houseplants are ideal gifts for a best friend or a family member that also serves as a great friend because of their symbolism. Heartleaf philodendrons represent health and abundance and, as a result, are traditionally given to someone you care about and love in a platonic way.

Turtle Doves

Symbolizing peace, friendship, love, connection, and faithfulness, turtle doves have been a good omen and sign of friendship for a long time. In the popular film Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, it is said that if you have two turtle doves, you keep one and give the other to a friend, and as long as each of you has your turtle dove, you will be friends forever.

Friendship Bracelets

A classic sign of connection that will forever be special is a friendship bracelet. Giving your best friend a bracelet, whether it is a handcrafted bracelet made special for them or a piece of popular sophisticated jewelry, they are sure to feel special and connected to you each time they wear it.


Pineapples have great historical significance as symbols of welcome and hospitality. Historically, sailors would leave a pineapple on the front porch of neighbors or friends when they returned home safely from a voyage to symbolize hospitality or friendship. In honor of this tradition, it is always a sweet offering of hospitality to welcome over a neighbor or friend that has just moved in and offer to gift them a pineapple.

Eucalyptus Scented Candle

Moving into a new house can be a long and stressful endeavor. A great gift to soothe the nerves after a move-in is a fragrant eucalyptus scented candle. Candles offer a sense of warmth and calmness, and eucalyptus-scented candles, in particular, are known for providing stress relief and relaxation.

Making the move to a new home is a special time in someone’s life and is often stressful. When thinking about what to get as a housewarming gift, consider what would make your close friend or family member feel special. What will help them with the move best? Something to relax them, offer meaningful symbolism, or make their house feel more like home. Whatever gift you decide to get, Adrian Durban Florist is here to help you make your friend feel special.

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