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St. Patrick’s Green Flowers, Plants & Decor

green flowersHappy Maewyn Succat’s Day! Although you may not recognize the birth name of St. Patrick. you likely are familiar with the cultural and religious holidays celebrated in his honor. It is a public holiday in Ireland, as you would expect, but is perhaps just as popular here in the United States. In fact, with over 36 million people claiming Irish heritage here in America, and only 4 million people living in Ireland, we can be assured that far more people celebrate the wearing of the green here in this country. It is said “everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day” – so find your best green outfit, grab a green beverage, and decorate your home with green flowers and plants from Adrian Durban Floristgreen flowers Here are some fun facts regarding this festive celebration:

* St. Patrick was not born in Ireland. A native of Great Britain, he was kidnapped as a teenager by pirates and held captive in Ireland. It is said that he “found religion” while praying during his ordeal, and when he was released he returned to Ireland as a missionary.

* The first St. Patrick’s Day parade was not held in Ireland, but in Boston, most likely due to the huge influx of Irish immigrants looking to celebrate their heritage. It was held on March 17, 1762, and has been a tradition ever since.

* U.S, cities have found various ways to celebrate the day. Seattle paints the median stripe on its parade route green, while Chicago dyes its river green, and has done so since 1962. Of course, Cincinnati has its own St. Patrick’s Day parade, celebrating its 51sy year in 2017.

* Other traditions include drinking green beer and eating corned beef and cabbage. Irish and non-Irish alike are encouraged to wear green, and it is a custom to affectionately “pinch” those who refuse to play along. In a playful rivalry, other nationalities – most notably Italians – are known to wear orange.

green flowersNo matter how you choose to celebrate, green flowers and plants add a festive touch! Send an arrangement of green and white carnations to your favorite Irishman, or a green plant make someone’s day – call Adrian Durban Florist for a custom design!