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Adrian Durban Florist

Posted by Kerry Durban on April 16, 2018 Uncategorized

Show Your Love For the Earth

Earth Day is right around the corner, traditionally celebrated about a month into the Spring season. This year, it falls on Sunday, April 22, and is the perfect time to express your love and gratitude for our Earthly home. Adrian Durban Florist can help.

We offer a wide array of colorful arrangements to help you celebrate the Spring season as well as your reverence for the Earth. If you find yourself taking the Earth for granted most of the time, let Earth Day remind you to stop and appreciate all that our terra firma provides for us.

The Earth meets all of our needs and doesn’t ask for anything in return. However, the more we show respect and gratitude, the more beautiful our experience on Earth can be. Nature is vibrant and alive, and she responds to our state of consciousness.

Showing love, respect and gratitude to the Earth comes back to us in unexpected ways. We may find that things go easier in life, and we just naturally flow in harmony with the patterns of nature as we make decisions and navigate our day.

The Gorgeous Gratitude Bouquet from Adrian Durban Florist is the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day. Whether it’s for yourself or someone you love, this bold, artful variety of flowers is sure to inspire. The arrangement is carefully arranged in a hand-glazed ceramic cube vase that includes a hand-applied butterfly.

Call Adrian Durban Florist today to place your flower order in time for the Earth Day holiday!