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Posted by Kerry Durban on July 31, 2017 | Last Updated: August 6, 2017 Love and Romance

Flowers Perfect for Romance Month

romance monthNational Romance Month is the perfect time to celebrate the love you share with your spouse or significant other. There are many ways to celebrate romance- in fact, customs have evolved over time and traveled from cultures worldwide. The floral experts at Adrian Durban Florist have put together some historical facts about romance gathered from around the world. We hope some of these unconventional ideas will inspire the romantic in you!

Ancient Romance: In Ancient times, very little romance was involved in the winning of a wife. Arranged marriages were far more common. The purpose of marriage revolved around business, property or political alliances rather than emotions. Women were given in marriage so two families could merge and form one of these bonds.

A Perfect Pairing: Chocolates and sweet treats are always an excellent way to spoil your sweetheart, especially since love and chocolate go hand in hand In fact, chocolate contains a natural substance that is believed to stimulate the same emotional reaction as falling in love. Check out our Assorted Gourmet Chocolates here. romance monthIt’s All Greek: In Ancient Greece, love was discussed and explored to such a large degree that the Greeks developed different names for different kinds of love. Eros described a carnal love, like physical attraction, while agape was used in reference to a more spiritual connection, or a love for all people. A deep friendship was referred to as philia, and pragma meant longstanding love, the kind that involves compromise and romance and endurance.

The Love of the Gods:  Juno, the Roman queen of heaven and spouse of Jupiter (a.k.a Zeus) had dominion over marriage and childbirth. The month of June takes its name from her, making it historically the most appropriate for weddings.

romance month

Our bouquet of Red and White Roses are sure to send the message of love to your sweetheart – in fact ,red roses are considered the reigning king of the romantic flowers – although if you’d like to declare your undying love, you can also try red tulips.

National Romance Month is a great time to ignite love or rekindle passion. If you’re still searching for the perfect expression of romance, talk to the professionals at Adrian Durban Florist. We have been providing flowers and gifts to love-struck couples for decades. We deliver throughout the Cincinnati area – but as true love knows no distance, we can assist in delivering across the miles as well.