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Posted by Kerry Durban on March 10, 2017 | Last Updated: June 13, 2022 Uncategorized

Daisies Announce Springtime


There are many flowers that are indicative of spring, but there may not be one more visually recognizable than the classic daisy. This popular flower comes in 4,000 varieties and 23,000 species, meaning that its relatives make up nearly 10% of the world’s flowering plants. Yet somehow it never fails to give off a humble aura that is no less beautiful for its unassuming nature. The most iconic version of the daisy is the English daisy, known for its bright yellow center and long white petals.

Did You Know? Springtime daisies are the birth flower of April – so if one of your friends or loved ones has an upcoming birthday, these are the flowers to choose. Want a little more color? Call Adrian Durban Florist and speak to one of our floral designers about the lovely species of daisies that are available. Here are some interesting facts about the daisy:

springtime* The springtime flower’s name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word “daes eage” which means “day’s eyes”. This is likely due to the fact that the daisy flower opens at dawn and closes in the evening.
* The daisy has a composite flower that is made up of a large number of small flowers, called florets. The ray florets look like typical petals, while the disk florets in the center of the flower are small and tubular.
* Daisies colors range by species and exhibit the entire spectrum of colors.
* The most popular types of daisies are Marguerite daisy, Gloriosa daisy, Shasta daisy, African daisy, and Gerber daisy.
* The daisy has healing properties – it was used for wound healing in ancient Rome and is still used in modern times for homeopathic healing after surgical procedures.

What is For Lunch? Both the flowers and the leaves of the daisy are edible and are rich in Vitamin C. Their pleasant taste is often incorporated into gourmet salads, soups and sandwiches. The daisy is used in the form of tea to relieve coughing and improve digestion.


springtimeCall Adrian Durban Florist for any of the April birthdays you need to celebrate – or for any springtime festivities. The cheerful daisy brings innocent happiness to any occasion, so choose your color and we’ll create something beautiful.