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Adrian Durban Florist

Posted by Kerry Durban on June 9, 2017 | Last Updated: June 11, 2017 Uncategorized

Celebrate Weddings & Anniversaries

weddingsIf you are planning a June wedding or have been married in June, you share that experience with millions of couples. This is the most popular month to recite vows, making June the industry’s official Wedding Month. There are many ceremonies taking place, but each one is special, and every bride and groom desire to have a day that reflects their unique style and relationship. Adrian Durban Florist is considered Cincinnati’s leading resource for wedding florals –  let our design experts bring your ideas to life!

Did You Know? Adrian Durban Florist has been in business since 1899 – and was voted Cincinnati’s Best Florist for 2017! You simply cannot beat our experience in floral design.Looking for more inspiration? Check out these Pinterest Wedding Boards. wedding flowers Why June? Some cite the perfect weather, others say it is easier for family and friends to travel to the ceremony. But could it be that the reason that June is so popular is actually much more historical? Ancient Roman wedding ceremonies nearly always took place during the month dedicated to the goddess Juno, who was worshiped for her protection of women, especially new brides. Celtic nations observed a tradition of pairing young couples on May Day (the first of May) and marrying six weeks later, in mid-June. Given that so many of our ancestors come from these areas, some speculate that we simply continued ancient traditions, considering June to be the favored month for weddings. But whether you choose June or another month for your nuptials, you can trust the expertise and creative skill of Adrian Durban Florist’s team.
wedding flowersHappy Anniversary! June anniversaries are a logical result of all those weddings, and we have the anniversary flowers you’ll need to let her know that you’d still marry her today. Choose her favorite flowers, the traditional flower assigned to the anniversary you are celebrating, or create a custom bouquet reminiscent of her bridal bouquet. She is sure to fall in love all over again! Shop the Anniversary Collection.

As you plan your perfect ceremony – or the perfect anniversary surprise – Adrian Durban Florist promises you attention to every detail, exemplary customer support, and expert advice. June is Wedding Month, and romance is everywhere. Let us help you to put your sentiments into flowers, with gorgeous designs and unique bouquets you won’t find anyplace else in Cincinnati.