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Posted by Kerry Durban on March 28, 2017 | Last Updated: April 2, 2017 Administrative Professionals Day Flowers Holidays

Appreciating your Administrative Professionals

administrative professionals

It began as National Secretaries Day in the 1950s – but Administrative Professionals Day has evolved and grown over the years. Not only does the day celebrate other administrative support employees, but it also extends the recognition to a full week. This gives us plenty of opportunity to honor the very important employees who help make our businesses run smoothly every day. From the voices on the phone to the faces that greet our clients, there is no doubt that we simply couldn’t be successful without them! Adrian Durban Florist has the desktop floral designs, green plants and gifts that will let your employees know that you appreciate them – on this day, and throughout the year!
Administrative professionals

Compact and stylish, our Butterfly Bouquet sends appreciation via exquisite stargazer lilies and hot pink roses, delivered in a keepsake vase they will love. This arrangement is just the right size for an office environment and will be a lovely reminder of how much you value their contributions.

If you’ve got an extra-special superstar, who knows everything that goes on, puts out every fire and makes it look easy – take it up a notch with this gorgeous floral design. It’s extravagant. It’s luxurious. And it is ideal for the standout administrative professionals in your company.

Administrative professionals

Scientifically Proven: The research is clear. Employees who feel that they are valued in the organization are more content and less likely to call in sick, change jobs less frequently, are more productive, and even tend to be more proactive and creative on the job. Therefore it seems that everyone wins when a beautiful gift is delivered during Administrative Professionals Week.

Chocolate is a gift that will always be a hit, especially in the office! Your most valuable employees will have no doubt how much you appreciate them when this gourmet delight arrives at their desk. Administrative professionals

No matter which design or gift you decide upon, the choice of which Cincinnati florist to call is simple – Adrian Durbin Florist. Like you, we are a local business who values our employees, and we are privileged to help you to honor your people this month.

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