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Posted by Kerry Durban on October 20, 2017 | Last Updated: October 1, 2020 Uncategorized

Mum Designs for Fall

No matter what time of year it is, there are always occasions to send flowers. Those occasions often guide the type of arrangement we select, along with the recipient’s personal preferences. But Fall’s florals make it easy to put together something really special. At Adrian Durban Florist, we’re loving the colors, textures, and fragrances of October’s most beautiful bouquets, and giving a little extra attention to the season’s most prominent bloom. Mum designs for Fall are back and better than ever.

Pick a design that suggests the abundance of the season and does it in harvest hues that look great on the dining room table or the desk at work. Our Golden Amber Bouquet is a prime example of the richness of the season’s floral offerings. Purple button mums punctuate the orange roses and lilies in this case, giving modern appeal to the overall design. Mums are adaptable blooms. Since there are so many varieties available, you can essentially use them to enhance the mood of whatever piece you’re sending.

If the occasion calls for something more romantic – or you’re simply embracing the romantic nature of Fall – go for an arrangement like our Bold and Beautiful Bouquet, which depends on roses but makes room for mums, too. Here the flower shows up in the color we think of when we think of mums, and to great effect. The formality of the roses is offset by that cheery yellow, along with happy carnations and billowing hydrangea.

Mum designs for Fall can be romantic and elegant or more on the rustic side for that “harvest home” look. Chances are, they’ll feature a mum or two, as we here at Adrian Durban Florist embrace the season’s floral bounty.