garden stone with angel wings and cross

Angel Wing With Cross Stepping Stone

A Lovely Keepsake garden stone, made out of resin and featuring an angel wing on one side of the heart and a cross on the other side of the heart, is a beautiful and meaningful addition to any outdoor space.

The angel wing and cross are both powerful symbols of faith and spirituality and serve as a comforting reminder that our loved ones are always watching over us. Made out of durable resin, this garden stone is designed to withstand the elements and can serve as a long-lasting memorial for someone special. The heart shape of the stone adds a touch of warmth and tenderness, while the combination of the angel wing and cross creates a beautiful and harmonious image. Placing this Lovely Keepsake garden stone in a garden or outdoor space can provide a peaceful and reflective area for remembrance and contemplation, serving as a loving reminder of the enduring bond between us and our loved ones.

Measures 10" H x 11" L. 

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