Cardinal Garden Chime

This garden chime is made of hand-painted resin and features a sentiment etched into the face above the chimes.

The Cardinal Charm Windchime is a graceful and sentimental piece that serves both as a decorative element and a comforting symbol in any garden or outdoor space. Crafted from durable hand-painted resin, the chime showcases a vivid red cardinal, a bird often associated with keeping the memory of loved ones alive. According to folklore, cardinals are thought to be messengers between heaven and earth, making this windchime particularly meaningful for those who believe in this poignant connection.

Above the delicate metal chimes, a touching sentiment is etched into the stone-like resin, reading "Whisper I Love You to a cardinal and it will fly to Heaven to deliver your message." This heartfelt message adds a layer of intimacy to the piece, making it an ideal gift for someone who cherishes the presence of lost loved ones or appreciates the comforting myths surrounding the cardinal.

When the breeze stirs the chimes into song, they produce a serene, melodic sound that can bring solace and a sense of closeness to those who listen. The combination of visual beauty and auditory pleasure makes the Cardinal Charm Windchime a cherished piece for contemplative moments spent in the garden, reminding us of the enduring bonds of love and the gentle whispers of nature.

W: 5.5"
H: 12.5"
D: 2.25"

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