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Adrian Durban Florist

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Keep Your Flowers Fresh With Our Tips

When you receive a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, you’re filled with an immediate thrill of the surprise. As the surprise wears off, you begin to think about where to display this work of art and how to care for it properly. Adrian Durban Florist is here to offer some professional tips and advice that will help you continuously enjoy the vibrant colors and fresh scents of your new arrangement. Read More about Keep Your Flowers Fresh With Our Tips »
Posted by Kerry Durban on July 9, 2018 | Last Updated: January 15, 2019 Flowers Plant Care

Keeping Your Indoor Plants Happy

Let's face it, not everyone has a green thumb. Some of us are better than others at keeping plants looking fresh and beautiful. But at Adrian Durban Florist, we are committed to providing you with not only the highest quality indoor plants but to helping you to properly care for them as well. We love the way that green and flowering indoor plants can change your whole environment - why not add a couple new plants to your home or office? We'll guide you in cultivating your green thumb, along with a few of our favorite selections. Coming Soon! Administrative Professionals Week is nearly upon us! Green and flowering indoor plants make a perfect gift for the occasion, as do flowers and gourmet treats.  Read More about Keeping Your Indoor Plants Happy »
Posted by Kerry Durban on April 5, 2017 | Last Updated: April 8, 2017 Plant Care Plants