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Enjoy Fall Florals

The fall season brings with it thoughts of cozy fireplaces, wool blankets, leaves falling off the trees, and a crisp nip in the air. Cups of hot cocoa and fresh pumpkin flavors also abound during this season. At Adrian Durban Florist we look forward to the bright bold colors of fall everywhere in Cincinnati as we design our fall collection. Fall florals are rich in jewel tones and drama and we are excited to share these designs with you this season. Read More about Enjoy Fall Florals »
Posted by Kerry Durban on August 18, 2019 | Last Updated: June 13, 2022 Fall Flowers Gifts Sunflowers

Bee Friendly Flowers & Butterfly Gardens

As summer moves into full swing, you may begin to notice some visitors to yards in your neighborhood. Butterflies, bees and other insects are out and about looking for nectar and pollinating your garden. With the right plants and flowers, you can create a beautiful butterfly garden of your own; or perhaps increase the endangered bee population. Add some bee-friendly flowers to your outdoor spaces and see these industrious insects get to work! Adrian Durban Florist can supply you with all the flowers and plants you need to get started. Read More about Bee Friendly Flowers & Butterfly Gardens »
Posted by Kerry Durban on June 28, 2017 | Last Updated: June 2, 2020 Flowers Summer Flowers Sunflowers