Roses For Any Anniversary

With so many weddings in the month of June, it’s no wonder June is also a big wedding anniversary month. More marriages begin in the month of June than any other. If you and your spouse are among those who said vows this month, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect way to celebrate your anniversary. The creative minds at Adrian Durban Florist have some great ideas for such a special occasion. Take a picnic to your favorite park, visit the spot where you held your wedding, or go out to eat at your favorite restaurant. Whatever you do, don’t forget the flowers!

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Celebrate Weddings & Anniversaries

weddingsIf you are planning a June wedding or have been married in June, you share that experience with millions of couples. This is the most popular month to recite vows, making June the industry’s official Wedding Month. There are many ceremonies taking place, but each one is special, and every bride and groom desire to have a day that reflects their unique style and relationship. Adrian Durban Florist is considered Cincinnati’s leading resource for wedding florals –  let our design experts bring your ideas to life!

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